Switch to Cornhusker Bank!

Make the move to the bank that’s committed to you and your success.  We’re more than a bank, we’re a neighbor who will watch out for you.

At Cornhusker Bank, we make switching your accounts easy.  We are committed to making your banking easy, starting with simplifying the way you switch banks!  Follow the steps below to complete your switch simply and quickly. For even more ease and convenience, download the Cornhusker Bank app to manage your finances while on the go! 

  1. Open your Cornhusker Bank account. Stop in to see a banker during regular business hours or call us at 402-434-2265 for assistance and information.
  2. Sign up for online banking – It’s the most convenient way to view and access your account or loan.
  3. Sign up for online bill pay – You’ll save time and money paying bills every month.  Plus, you’ll know for sure that your bills are paid on time, every time.
  4. Stop using your old account – Once all your checks have cleared balance your old account and destroy all your old checks and ATM cards.
  5. Set up direct deposit – Authorize Cornhusker Bank as your new bank and send the completed form to the company that issues your direct deposits.
  6. Start automatic payments – Complete this form to authorize Cornhusker Bank as your new bank for automatic payments.  Then, just send the completed form anywhere you want auto-payments sent every month.  It should be processed within two billing cycles.
  7. Close your old checking account – You’ve now made the switch!  Wasn’t that easy?  Be sure all in-process deposits or withdrawals you are expecting have cleared your old account.  Your former bank will send your balance, which you can then deposit into your new Cornhusker Bank account.

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