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Personal and Auto Loans

Are you ready for a new set of wheels? Is it time to add a new deck to your home?  

Whether you wish to consolidate credit card debt, finance a new construction project on your home, or purchase a new car, Cornhusker Bank has the right loan for you.

Personal Loans

With flexible loan types, terms and rates, Cornhusker Bank personal loans are the first place to stop when you need money for just about anything. Plenty of projects or needs can be financed through personal loans, and Cornhusker Bank is here to help. Some common reasons to apply for personal loans include:

Paying for a wedding
Financing home remodeling
Consolidating credit card debt
Moving expenses
Special vacations
Other unforeseen expenses

Apply below to see if you qualify for a personal loan to meet whatever life throws your way!

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Auto Loans 

Get more than just the money you need to buy your new car. Get a higher level of personal service and terms that work for you. We can help you no matter what phase of car buying you’re in. From refinancing, to helping you purchase a new car, to financing a used car, Cornhusker Bank can help you make that purchase.

Unsure of what you can afford? Use our Car Loan Calculator to figure out what price range you should aim for based upon how large of a monthly payment you can pay. If you’re in need of insurance for your new vehicle, we can also help you secure that through Cornhusker Insurance Agency. We’re here to help your dreams come true.

Apply for an auto loan today.

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If you have any questions about our personal or auto loans, please contact us.

Looking for Insurance for your new vehicle?  We can help at Cornhusker Insurance Agency.

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