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You can prepare and submit your deposits from your office based on your work schedule with Cornhusker Bank’s Merchant Capture Program.  Make deposits during non-banking hours, including weekends and holidays. This service will eliminate the cost of a courier or employee trips to the bank, and reduce fees related to multiple bank relationships.

  • Put your money to work sooner by increasing the frequency of deposits
  • Each check is scanned creating an electronic copy of each deposited check, eliminating the need to photocopy and file checks
  • Deposit checks quickly, learn of returned checks faster, and begin the collection process sooner

If you qualify, all you need is a PC, an Internet connection, a desktop scanner, and software provided by Cornhusker Bank to deposit all your checks without leaving your office.

To find out more about our Depository Services, please contact Michelle Zlomke, Business Services Coordinator, at 402-323-8274, or call our Customer Engagement Center at 402-434-2265.

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