Accounts Receivable

Business Manager, Cornhusker Bank’s accounts receivable program

Could Improved Cash Flow Help Your Business?

No business problem is as well known to small business owners as cash flow.  

Cornhusker Bank has a way for you to turn that debt into cash. We'll pay cash for your accounts receivable, allowing you to unlock the funds frozen in those accounts to utilize in other areas of your business.

Use the cash to take advantage of early payment discounts with your vendors.  Or move your funds to an investment account to earn interest.  Having cash on hand frees your business up to take advantage of all kinds of opportunities.

Business Manager can help your business:

  • Maintain reliable cash flow
  • Pursue new business opportunities
  • Improve payment habits to suppliers
  • Take advantage of early pay discounts
  • Purchase equipment
  • Pay off existing debt
  • Hire additional staff
  • Begin saving for retirement

To find out more about our Cash Management Solutions, please call us at 402-434-2265

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